THE GREEN RIVER BURIAL release new Single

We, THE GREEN RIVER BURIAL , release our new song "TRAUMA" as our first album single in the current lineup. It's been one year now for us since we have found together, and we have been working harder and more resounding than ever before. This year was not an easy one for us, yet fascinating and artistically helpful, as we were in constant creative transition and surrounded by inspiring forces from everything revolving us. We have grown musically, emotionally and personally, and we have grown hungry to always improve and raise the bar higher and higher, searching for new ground to cover.

We know we've changed our direction somewhat, but it is the only thing we could do to keep this band authentic and, in a way, real. We are not slaves to anyone or anything, we are creating and playing music we decide suits our very own attitude, and that has not ever changed, nor will it ever change.

Somewhere along the path, we found ourselves, our sound, our image, our identity, and our definition of expression through art, and we found that it is different from anything we've done before, with new faces, new names, new personal developments. But music should never be about faces or names, and that is why we decided we would keep our name.

It has been a necessity for this band, as it always will be for every individual life on this earth, to evolve and to move forward.
The world is moving at all times.
Holding on means going backwards.
We are moving forward and we are moving fast.
The old TGRB ends here, new TGRB comes to life tomorrow.
Join us if you dare.

CRY MY NAME signed at Bastardized

We are happy to announce, that the Bastardized Familiy grows with a band from north germany! The Post-Hardcore Band CRY MY NAME The band commented: "We are proud to be able to work together with Bastardized Recordings in the future. It was the right step for us. We are happy to have a new partner with us, which will push our new album to the next level."

Wir freuen uns, euch heute verkünden zu können, dass die Bastardized-Familie Zuwachs aus dem hohen Norden bekommt! Die Schleswig-Holsteiner Post-Hardcore Band CRY MY NAME Hier das Statement der Band: "Wir sind stolz zukünftig mit Bastardized Recordings zusammenarbeiten zu dürfen. Für uns war es der richtige Schritt und wir sind froh einen Partner an unserer Seite zu haben, der unser neues Album nach vorne bringen wird."

I Am Noah „The Verdict“Cover and Tracklis

I AM NOAH reveal the cover artwork and tracklist of their first full length album "The Verdict".
I AM NOAH from Trier, founded in 2015, question with their debut "The Verdict", long existing, unchallenged barriers of mind we devote ourselves to.
In 12 songs, unapologetic relentlessness meets empathy, davotion and structure. The album was recorded and produced by Aljoscha Sieg at Pitchback Studios.
"The Verdict" will be released on 05/13/2016 through Bastardized Recordings.

I AM NOAH veröffentlichen das Coverartwork und die Tracklist ihres Debut Albums "The Verdict".
Die 2015 gegründete Metalcore Band I AM NOAH aus Trier hinterfragt mit ihrem Debut Album "The Verdict" schon immer da gewesene Schranken und Barrieren unseres Verstandes, denen wir uns scheinbar selbstverständlich unterstellen und resigniert hingeben.
In 12 Songs trifft kompromisslose Härte auf Empathie, Hingabe und Struktur. Aufgenommen und produziert wurde das Album von Aljoscha Sieg in den Pitchback Studios.
Veröffentlicht wird "The Verdict" am 13.05.2016 über Bastardized Recordings.

1. Defendant
2. Rise Of Mankind
3. Embrace The End
4. The Verdict
5. If Life Could Be The Answer
6. Unlearned
7. Deafblind
8. What Is Dead May Never Die feat. Dennis Fries
9. Drowned
10. One Man Wolfpack
11. Hourglass
12. Conquer The Thrones

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Six Reasons To Kill „Rote Erde“ Trailer

Enjoy the trailer for the upcoming Six Reasons To Kill video „Rote Erde“.
Video out on February 11th. The 7Inch including the song „Rote Erde“ out on March 11th. Bandscenes recorded by Yves from Ambitious Films. Trailer & Video recorded & edited by Daniel Zimmermann from Schrottgrenze .

Checkt den Trailer für das bald erscheinende Six Reasons To Kill Video „Rote Erde“.
Veröffentlichung des Videos am 11. Februar. Veröffentlichung der 7inch mit dem Track „Rote Erde“ am 11. März. Bandszenen gefilmt von Yves Ambitious Films. Trailer & Video aufgenommen und geschnitten von Daniel Zimmermann Schrottgrenze

6R2K Youtube


I Am Noah signed at Bastardized Recordings

News from the Bastardized roster:
The Metalcore Band from Trier I AM NOAH has inked a deal and will release their debut-album „The Verdict“ through Bastardized Recordings in spring 2016. Be prepared for an awesome ambient metalcore sound with well-versed riffings and hard breakdowns. Look what the band has to say below:

Neuigkeiten aus dem Bastardized-Roster:
Die Trierer Metalcore Band I AM NOAH hat einen Deal unterschrieben und wird ihr Debut-Album „The Verdict“ über Bastardized Recordings im Frühjahr 2016 veröffentlichen. Seit gespannt auf ein wahnsinnig atmosphärisches Metalcore Album mit technisch versierten Riffings und harten Breakdowns. Schaut euch an, was die Band dazu sagt:

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