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It all began in 1989, when Matthias and Dennis formed their first band “Die blauen Druiden”. They played kinda Deutsch Punk like ABSTÜRZENDE BRIEFTAUBEN and played one concert inside the Garage of Matthias’ Parents. They were very succesful and sold more than a Million Records…

In 1994 Martin (guitar) joined and so Matthias (drums) and Dennis (voice, guitar) formed their first Band. In 1995 Matthias W. joined the band and started playing the bass. The band’s name was HATE WAS SISTA. They played many shows in that time, had a lot of fun and learned many things. They recorded some demo tapes and two cds ("d734" and "some more secrets") which they sold at shows.

In 1998 Matthias W. decided to study in Kassel so the band had to look for another bass player. Matthias started a new career as a Techno Musician. His first record has been released in January 2002 at Mental-Ind. Our new bass player Kai joined in 1998. We changed the band’s name in DEAR DIARY and recorded some cds and sold them at shows. Kai used to be a Rap Star in Japan, but he was imprisoned for murderer and Drug stuff. In 1998 he became a free man. So he joined DEAR DIARY.

The band played a lot of shows with bands such as POP UNKNOWN, BRANDTSON, YAGE, SOMETREE, JUNO, GARRISON, GLORYBOX, LEIHA, CHILDREN OF FALL, AS FRIENDS RUST, LOGH amongst many others.

2002 DEAR DIARY went on tour, together with MEN AT ARMS which lead them to Italy, Tschech Repuplic and a few german cities.

In 2003 DEAR DIARY released our first record on Bastardized Recordings. "The record 'laughing ends like this' sold more than 10 000 times and then we were in the position to buy cars, DVD Players, new houses and some rats to play with." Dennis was quoted.

In 2003 and 2004 DEAR DIARY played a lot of shows, some small tours with the Swedish Band DEAD SILENT DAYS and THAT VERY TIME I SAW. Of course, everything went crazy, the guys played the shows, started drinking, acted like nerds, beat up some people, stole the equipment of some bands and wrote bad emails to their label.

Nevertheless, DEAR DIARY recorded another new CD entitled “How to become a ghost” in the same Studio where they already recorded the album before: Blu Box in Troisdorf, together with the one and only Guido Lucas (he already recorded Bands like DONOTS, PALE, BLACKMAIL and BOY GEORGE they told us). The CD had been released in June 2005. "People went crazy, bought the record and sent us shit like dead animals, some candy bars and shit you better don’t wanna know about. It was fun." Dennis said.

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Dennis Kühn - vocals, guitars
Martin Fritsch - guitars
Kai Zipse - bass
Matthias Marx - drums

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Title: how to become a ghost
Cat.-No.: BE018
Releasedate: 2005-06-20

01 Ready
02 Black Black
03 At Survivor’s Place
04 Green Cap’s are dead now
05 So spare Me
06 Control
07 The Ghost of empty Batteries
08 1 2 4
09 Her Lover’s Ashes
10 Take my Time
11 This is the Death of Everything
12 How to become a Ghost
13 Superman
Plus Video-Clip for the song "Superman"
recording information:
Recorded by Guido Lucas at BluNoise Studios.

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