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Since the Day is located in the area around Siegen/Germany. In winter 2001, the band signed to Bastardized Recordings to record three songs that appeared on the “Things you barely know” split CD with Iceland’s very own Snafu in april 2002.

After playing countless shows all over Germany, the band teamed up with their fellows of A Case of Grenada to hit the road and toured all over Europe in fall 2003.

In January 2004, their singer was forced to call it quits due to some serious health problems and the former singer of germany's hardcore/metal mosh-machine Absidia joined the band. Together, they recorded the band’s first full length album entitled “El mensajero no es importante” [Not the messenger is important] in the famous Kohlekeller studios (Crematory, Agathodaimon), released march 7th, 2005 via Bastardized Recordings and got licensed for the U.S. to Tribunal Records.

Musically, Since The Day contains influences from black/death metal to modern hardcore, not afraid to use melodies and driving emotional moments to emphasize their critical look on today’s society. Their lyrics deal with media, fashion and different aspects of everyday’s life, maybe seen from a different point of view. They got a lot of attention for their uncommen live appearance, used as an outlet of emotions and anger by all members. Make sure you catch them live.

Artist Member

Daniel Dietelbach - vocals
Friedrich Weber - guitars
Sebastian Briel - guitars
Andreas Schüssler - bass
Bastian Stremmel - drums

Artist Latest


Title: el mensajero no es importante
Cat.-No.: BE016
Releasedate: 2005-03-07

01 Welcome To The Show
02 From Day To Day
03 For Too Long
04 Lunar Eclipse
05 Silva
06 Powder Keg
07 Interlude
08 En Vogue
09 Mascara Eyes
Plus Video-Clip for the Song “Lunar Eclipse”

recording information:
recorded at Kohlekeller Studio, mastered at House of Audio.

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