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Converge is one of the most influential bands still thriving within the confines of contemporary aggressive music. Having literally shaped a new path for which every new band must follow, Converge uniquely blend some of the most exciting elements of hardcore, metal, and punk rock, complemented by some of the most poetic, non-typical lyrical writing aggressive music has ever seen.

Converge formed in 1991 around founding members Jacob Bannon (vocals and lyricist) and Kurt Ballou (guitar). They then evolved throughout their now decade-long reign with the help of numerous underground EPs, compilation appearances and excessive touring.

In 1997 they then found a permanent home on Equal Vision Records. That year Converge turned the aggressive music community on its head with their highly acclaimed "Petitioning the Empty Sky" CD/LP (evr40). Heralded by aggressive music publications worldwide, this album became an instant classic within the hardcore and metal genres. "Petitioning..." set a new standard within the scene, not only for musicianship and technical proficiency but in artwork, presentation, and true lyrical power.

1998 brought the release of their "When Forever Comes Crashing" CD/LP (evr41), the then definitive Converge album. Produced by sonic madman Steve Austin (Today is the Day), this 11-song lesson in true musical depth and dynamics left many a listener in awe. And once again, Converge raised the standard in conceptual music and creativity to a new, unheard of level.

Late 1999 saw Converge collaborate with grind masterminds Agoraphobic Nosebleed on a split album entitled "The Poacher Diaries." Released by Relapse/Release Entertainment (CD version) and Hydra Head Records (vinyl version), this marriage of the sick and twisted was a musical whirlwind - complex yet brutal. With every twist and turn of this release, a new progressive step was made by each of the two bands.

Most recently, 2001 brought the release of a split album with Japan's Hellchild on the newly founded Deathwish label (licensed for europe through Bastardized Recordings). The split was soaked in dynamic power, unorthodox approach, and deafening intensity of the two powerhouses.

September 4th, 2001 the newest full-length Converge masterpiece, entitled "Jane Doe" was released. Recorded by seasoned audio veteran Matt Ellard (Weezer, Motorhead, Wilco, Dave Navarro), "Jane Doe" is a 12-step conceptual journey into the deepest depths of loss, emotional depravity, and the gift of grief. Erupting forth with a sense of urgency and artistic passion rarely found in contemporary music, "Jane Doe" is a true non-definable jewel.

And once again, Converge transcend the traditional barriers of metal, hardcore, and punk to stand high above their own contemporaries, proving once again that they are among one of the most relevant and influential bands in underground music today.

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Jacob Bannon - vocals
Kurt Ballou - guitars
Nate Newton - bass
Ben Koller - drums

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Title: deeper the wound split
Cat.-No.: BE007
Releasedate: 2001-06-01

01 Thaw
02 Clean [Depeche Mode]
03 Conduit
04 Shallow Breathing
05 Locust Reign

06 I
07 Insurrection of the living damned [Bulldozer]
08 In this freezing night
09 Without any answer

additional information:
Artwork by Derek Hess and Florian Bertmer

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