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Back in 2011, Bassist Marc Fischer and Guitarist Jürgen Bischoff decided to form the Melodic Metalcore outfit. The final line-up was set in stone in early 2013 with Vocalist Christoph Aggou and Drummer Daniel Maier and the guys started to work on their upcoming debut, produced by Alex Adelhardt (Ghost City Recordings) and mastered by Will Putney (The Amity Affliction, Bury Tomorrow, Fit For An Autopsy etc.) at the Machine Shop NJ, USA. In March 2015 ”Welcome To My Void” was released via Massacre Records/Soulfood. The line-up was completed by Max Schmitt on the lead guitar and the band played shows as support of e.g. Stick To Your Guns, Counterparts, Stray From The Path and Six Reasons To Kill. In 2016 WTF won the Metal Hammer Newcomer-Contest and got hold of a slot on the With Full Force Festival, where they played a show in July. In August 2016, ”Emptiness” was pre-produced in the Nemesis Studios in Essen/Germany. In March 2017, “Emptiness” was recorded in the Nemesis Studios with Marc Görtz from Caliban as Producer. Olman Viper (Emil Bulls, Deadlock, Caliban etc.) from Hertzwerk/Nullzweistudios is in charge of the mastering. The cover-artwork was painted in oil by the Tattoo & Streetart-Artist Marode. Within the videoshoot of “Other Than That” with Alex Adelhardt (Ghost City Recordings) the new Drummer Johannes Rupp was found. “Emptiness” will be released worldwide in 2018 via Bastardized Recordings.

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Christoph Aggou - Vocals
Max Schmitt - Guitar
Jürgen Bischoff - Guitar
Marc Fischer - Bass, Programming
Johannes Rupp - Drums

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Title: Emptiness
Cat.-No.: BE110
Releasedate: 2018-04-13

1. Emptiness
2. Other Than That
3. Unanswered Questions
4. Bring Me The Moon
5. A New Hope
6. Fix Me
7. The Spark
8. Eons Apart
9. Remember Us
10. Invincible
11. Suffocated Memories
12. The Darkest Hours

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