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JAPANISCHE KAMPFHÖRSPIELE, formed in 1998 as a project of two graphic design students who incidentally met a year before and have been giving up on the dream of a career as death metal musicians at that time, is considered something like the most intellectual grind core band of Germany today. First and foremost to kill the huge amount of boredom that comes with rather unpretentious studies like graphic design, Christof Kather and Klaus Nicodem started recording beats and riffs on an analoge 8-track. Shortly after, Christof started writing lyrics for these riffs and beats. In German. Since there was nothing on the line, the two named themselves after a neologism by Roter Uwe: JAPANISCHE KAMPFHÖRSPIELE. Due to this name and of course since nothing mattered anyway, JAKA became quite popular over night. The at this point not hopelessly overcrowded internet also played a rather considerable role in this success story. Both instant and positive feedback forced the two to gather a line-up that would be capable of performing live on stage. However, the first JAKA show was only in 2003.

Artist Member

Christian Markwald - Vocals
Christof Kather - Drums, Vocals
Robert Nowak - Guitars
Marco 'Bajo' Bachmann - Bass
Martin Freund - Vocals

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Title: Back To Ze Roots
Cat.-No.: BE112
Releasedate: 2018-03-23

01. Dresscode
02. Im Feld
03. Kieferorthopädie
04. Der Fleischdämon
05. Wir gehen in den Knast
06. Ich habe mich entschieden
07. Gekochtes für Tiere
08. Musik
09. Sich für Technik interessierende große Jungs
10. Unpünktlichkeiten
11. Im Engelsfleisch
12. Geräte hassen mich
13. 1 Tonne Mensch
14. Lass den der ist nett
15. Auf der Sonnenseite des Globus

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