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Insanity have gone through a quick ascent in the last five years which made them an internationally known Hardcore band. They have released several studio albums, music videos, played shows all over Europe with legends like Hatebreed, Madball, Agnostic Front, Sick Of It All, Born From Pain and also did some of their own headliner tours. It’s hard to define a founding year of the Swiss band, for they started making music as kids in 2004, quickly discovered their shared passion and developed as a band, as well as musicians and friends. As their growing love for Hardcore music started influencing the songwriting of the band in around 2011, Insanity started becoming what they are today. They became known for their fresh and unique New York Hardcore and started to play outside of Switzerland in 2012, from when things really started to take off. In 2013, Insanity released their first album No Limit and a music video which gained them fans all over the world. More achievements followed quickly: International concerts with big Headliners, a two-week Cuba tour, as well as two more music videos raised the band to a new level. The band did not rest on their laurels and released their second record Ready To Row in 2014. More tours throughout Europe, including a longer Balkan tour, as well as more music videos followed. Insanity played many shows and consequently grew a lot in this phase. Now in may 2017, Insanity is releasing their third album Toss A Coin, which will be a further development musically as well as concerning their international presence, partly because of their new partnership with Bastardized Recordings. This album, new music videos and several tours (including one in Japan and South Korea) will have the story of these five friends to be continued for a long time to come.

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Vocals: Tobias Küng
Guitar: Yannick Balmer
Guitar: Michael Portmann
Bass: Pery Zemp
Drums: Raphael Renggli

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Title: Toss A Coin
Cat.-No.: BE104
Releasedate: 2017-05-26

01. No Tolerance For Intolerance 4:00
02. Find A Way 3:34
03. Toss A Coin 2:46
04. What I See 2:29
05. With My Friends 3:31
06. Down 3:03
07. All I Need 3:01
08. One Day 3:30
09. $laves 3:41
10. What’s Hardcore 3:37
11. Die For 2:50

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