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"Cry Ny Name" - that means five young guys from Kiel in the north of Germany. Their songs reflect their passion no matter if you hear it live or from record. Cry My Name attribute themselve to metalcore. Typical for Cry My Name are melodic earworms matched with bombastic riffs, breakdowns and a good mix of screams, growls and clean vocals. Their latest album "Elements" which was released in april 2014 on "Swell Creek Records / Soulfood Music" was recorded by Oliver Carell from "BLASTBEAT PRODUCTIONS". They got enormous feedback by relevant metal and hardcore magazines. After that they promoted that album on a german-tour. At the beginning of 2016 they entered "BLASTBEAT PRODUCTIONS" again, to record their new album "REFLECTIONS", which was mastered by PITCHBACK studios (Eskimo Callboy, Any Given Day, Annisokay). It got an amazing sound there. Afterwards they played a lot of shows. The Highlight in 2016 was a slot at the With Full Force Festival. Cry My Name and five other bands were voted out of more than 300 bands to performe at the Metal Hammer Stage. "REFLECTIONS" is going to be released at the beginning of 2017 via Bastardized Recordings. This album reflects the diversity of Cry My Name's musical influences. Cry My Name provide ten diversified tracks which show an unique flair for really great songs.

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Vocals: Cedric Bench
Guitar: Patrick Troitzsch
Guitar: Sascha Troitzsch
Bass: Raphael Adamek
Drums: Thomas Schink

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Title: Reflections
Cat.-No.: BE102
Releasedate: 2017-04-21

01. Patience 3:22
02. Changes 2:54
03. Restless 3:22
04. Backbone 3:18
05. Recover 3:55
06. Lost 3:32
07. Castles 3:40
08. Reflections 3:14
09. Relentless 4:04
10. Awakening 3:15

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