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Website: www.facebook.com/AwaketheMutes
Facebook: www.facebook.com/AwaketheMutes
E-Mail: xearfx@gmail.com

Awake The Mutes is a German metalcore band consisting of five musicians from Mainz/Frankfurt. Since the band's start in 2006 their sound has developed gradually by taking cues from and being influenced by each members individual attitude and taste in music. Awake The Mutes established their own unique niche and a groove-heavy sound that takes its inspirations from everywhere between Metal and Hip-Hop. As of today they have put out four EPs and a single with 2017's EP "Snowblind" being the first released worldwide through the Germany label "Bastardized Recordings". "Snowblind" delivers a hard-hitting mix of rhythm, groove and aggression while confronting the listener on a journey through guilt, obsession, arrogance and fatalism.

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Vocals: Christian Schüle
Guitar: Jens Pettrup
Guitar: Sebastian Lux
Bass: Yves Otterbach
Drums: Michel Kleiner

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Title: Snowblind
Cat.-No.: BE103
Releasedate: 2017-03-17

01. Witch 03:06
02. Snowblind 02:35
03. War Drums 04:10
04. Fractal Highway 00:54
05. Legs 03:27
06. Belltower 02:54
07. Hyena 03:35

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