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COROVA was founded in 2006 in Koblenz. The members are originally from Creutzfeldt, Aschera, BSS and Nicoffeine. The boys’ sound ingeniousness is rooted in the musical traditions of different bands such as Neurosis, Mastodon and Entombed. They have progressively created a fusion of these sound universes resulting in a brute-fragile and obscurely grotesque mixture of Doom, Sludge, Noisecore and Postmetal. In 2008 they packed their musical experiences and threw it into their debut album “The Sequence of our March”. The years went on and after several small tours through Germany, France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands the sound evolved into a spherical-doomy monster with bizarrely genius sound effects. In the year 2010 the singer Steven joined the Combo. After numerous shows with two front singers, Frank left the band. He had been frazzling his vocal cords for Corova for more than four years. The change behind the microphone was followed by months of intense work in Sascha Hoffmann’s Noise Schmiede in Koblenz. In 2014, punctually to the 8-years-jubilee of the band the follow-up album "Rise Of The Taurus" has finally been waiting in the wings for release.

Artist Member

Christian - Drums
Damian - Guitar
Alex - Guitar
Andi - Bass
Steven - Voice

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Title: Rise Of The Taurus
Cat.-No.: BE082
Releasedate: 2014-09-26

01. Jealousy 9:00
02. My God Utopia 6:31
03. Eternal 7:23
04. The Offering 10:41
05. In A Rush Of Blood 10:41

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