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Miseo (ancient greek for hate) was founded in January 2013 by the scene known musicians Ferli Thielmann (Vox / Guitar, also Milking The Goatmachine, Carnal Ghoul), Timo Claas (drums, also Lay Down Rotten) and André Rink (bass). The musical direction is Death Metal with U.S. and old school influences of the 90´s. Full of energy, the three musicians have composed the first songs for an EP, which were recorded in March 2013 at the "Desert Inn" recording studio (Lay Down Rotten, Milking The Goatmachine) in Edingen, Germany. The sound and lyrics are a brutal response to the pressures of reality in our age. Lyrical topics are the effects of greed, envy and ruthless egoism packed in a garment of hate.

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Ferli - Guitar & Vocals André
Bass Timo

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Title: The Dead Will Predominate
Cat.-No.: BE075
Releasedate: 2013-09-13

1. Dead Athmosphere 0:47
2. I Hate Humans 3:19
3. Cold Blood 2:30
4. Death List 3:12
Total 9:50

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