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Hailing from the Ruhrpottarea, the 5-piece juggernaut Bust A Move is ready to change the scene with a refreshingly brutal mixture of crunchy death-metal riffs, breakdowns and bone-crushing growls. After the release of a 4-song EP in autumn 2009 and a year 2010 full of shows to make their mark, Bust A Move are now taking it to the next level: With the recording of their new LP produced by Aljoscha Sieg at Pitchback Studios (former Deadbull Studios) in April 2011 they took a step towards a more mature and grown-up style of deathcore and decided to develop in a professional way. The new album shows their change from a hardcore influenced band to a more aggressive, catchy and technical combination of death metal-riffs and heavy breakdowns. Also their live-performance improved continuously as they are now sharing the stage with top-class acts like The Ghost Inside, Awaken Demon, Suffokate, Blind Witness, King Conquer and Maroon, just to name a few. The band’s metamorphosis to a new, adult and authentic group of musicians can also be seen in their new music video for their first single “Contaminated” from the upcoming album “There’s no Place like Home” in which the passion and seriousness they put into their music becomes evident. Change is inevitable. The metamorphosis is complete. Are you ready to get contaminated?

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Marc A. - Vocals
Phil N. - Guitar
Dimi T. - Guitar
Lasse W. - Bass
Dominik S. - Drums

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Title: There's no Place Like Home
Cat.-No.: BE065
Releasedate: 2012-10-19

1. Intro
2. Contaminated
3. Inner Demon
4. Swallow the Pill of Disrespect
5. There`s no Place like Home
6. Desperation
7. Dormientes Diabolus
8. The Lion's Prey
9. Misanthropic Hell
10. Catharsis of the Damned
11. The Apocalypse

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