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Give Em Blood were founded in early 2009 as a Hardcore/Metal/Black Metal–Outfit in Graz/Austria. Just one year after that the band started playing single shows all over Europe. In October 2010 their first Split-CD with Dos Dias De Sangre was released by BDHW records. In summer 2011 Give Em Blood decided to take their music to the next level. In July of that year Give Em Blood released a free song called "This very last sanctuary". This song marked the change to a new direction with a more Hardcore-oriented style. Give Em Blood started touring December 2011 with the mexican Metalband Here Comes The Kraken, with UKs Silent Screams in early 2012. Playing so much shows everywhere the band raised its awareness all over the European continent. In April 2012 the band signed a deal with Bastardized Recordings. Their first Album is set for an late summer release.

Artist Member

Matthias (Vocals)
Markus (Guitar)
Martin (Bass)
Benjamin (Guitar)
David (Drums)

Artist Latest


Title: Seven Sins
Cat.-No.: BE064
Releasedate: 2012-09-07

1. Introduction (1:33)
2. Beautiful Black Heart (3:05)
3. Lifeless (3:59)
4. Interlude (3:59)
5. Love 2.1 (3:26)
6. Brakish Rain (4:30)
7. Sinking (3:30)
8. Save Me... (3:13)
9. Heroical Demise (4:41)

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