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WE ARE THE DAMNED more than a band, is a tool of self confidence, opposition and nihilism, created in September 2007 by Correia and Lafaia two old friends that decided to create a project where they could embrace all their favourite bands and blend them into their own creative musical convictions. After hearing about this new band on the scene, Ragingplanet (the leading indie label in Portuguese extreme music) signed the band in October 2007. After relentless rehearsing the band entered the studio to track down their first full-lenght effort with Danish producer Palle Schultz, being latter re-mixed and renamed Resurrection Plague, post recording of their debut album WE ARE THE DAMNED quickly prepared for their upcoming live shows, and after more relentless rehearsing the band was ready to perform live. Since then WE ARE THE DAMNED have performed at a variety of shows in their native country, earning many important support slots for bands such as Napalm Death, Suffocation, Cancer Bats, Arch Enemy, Misery Index, Marduk, Municipal Waste, Anathema, Moonspell, Sinister, Akerkocke, Insidious Decrepancy, Converge, Warbringer, Despise and others, as well as a sold out UK Tour with British metallers INME and a Swedish Tour with friends Grace Will Fall. The band quickly caught the attention of both press and public alike, now being pushed further by their relentlessly wild live performances, sheer conviction and determination to leave a mark in extreme music. 2010 was a busy year for WE ARE THE DAMNED, establishing a solid line-up consisting of Correia, Lafaia and Cabrita, being this the core of the band and also the making of their second full-lenght effort entitled Holy Beast. The album tracked down early in 2010 by Swedish producer Ulf Blomberg, responsible for albums by groundbreaking bands such as Exhale, Inevitable End or End Of All, Ulf Blomberg was a natural choice due to his visionary look towards the band's new material, the result was 14 relentless and savage tracks, where the band approaches a whole new concept on both death metal and punk styles, a new vicious and shocking atmosphere that will sure appeal to fans of most genres and an extended forefinger into the face of fashion! In the meantime in 2011 WE ARE THE DAMNED got signed to Germany┬┤s Bastardized Recordings and Holy Beast will be unleashed on March 18th all over Europe....get ready!

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Title: Holy Beast
Cat.-No.: BE052
Releasedate: 2011-02-25

01 - The Anti-Doctrine
02 - Serpent
03 - Throne Of Lies
04 - Devorador Dos Mortos
05 - Christian Orgy
06 - Diogo Alves 1841
07 - Atrocity Idol
08 - Summon The Black Earth
09 - Viral Oration
10 - The Glorious Grisly
11 - Vengeance Havoc
12 - Raping The Law Of The Land
13 - Lucifer V.I.P (Chapter II)
14 - Neo Pigs (Bonus Track)

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