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ABOUT BLOODATTACK, OUR MUSIC, OUR INSPIRATION AND OUR MISSION ON EARTH: formed 2004, with members from // GOMORRHA (r.i.p. - hater of god records) //CREUTZFELD (r.i.p. - bastardized recordings) // RISE ANEW (r.i.p. - bastardized recordings) to keep the d.i.y.-spirit and the fundamental idea in our music alive. B.A.H.C. playing hardcore with a metallic touch and we try to keep our sound authentic, harsch, cold and brutal. in contempt to our influences of metal our keynote is based in punk-rock-attitude and so are the basic contents of BLOODATTACK fighting active against rascism, support the d.i.y.-attitude through the organising of concerts in our hometown, stopping the exploiding of bands and our scene through capitalistic oriented media concerns, taking place in d.i.y.-organisations, cooperate with the anti-facist movement and and much more…. our sound is not made for the masses – it represents our taste of music and our point of view – so the most of our fans and followers love bloodattack for their charisma: to be true, authentic, mean and different. our lyrics (composed in german and english) turn on our perspective on our society, humanity, our scene and the bullshit that surrounds us in the day-to-day-fight with ourselves and the rest of this world - formulated direct and ruthless to show forthright the fucked-up facts to the subjects and open their closed eyes. maybe we can change something – maybe we can change nothing - but to stand back and watching the perish of hc and approving the perversations of humanity is not our kind of lifestyle. so we spend lots of time in this band - not to get a rich and famous mainstream-chapel who changes sound, style and members like their pants – just because we are 5 friends with the same batshit thoughts and idea of being a part of a band: BLOODATTACK would rather not exist in a scene of people who see nothing more in punk and hardcore than a rebelious part of adolecence and wearing clothing that differs from the norm only for show. so we try to keep and bring back the main idea and keep every part of our work autonomous ( music, recordings, artwork, merchandise, lyrics, concerts, tours ....) -free from the influences of external voices. we cooperate with friends and people we trusting in to save the one and only spirit of BLOODATTACK. The Story of begins 2001 in Koblenz and marks the beginning of a long and immortal decade of total war against all with their uncompromising music and spitting lyrics. With a first MCD "Born Out Of Ashes" (DIY 2003) and a full Digipack-CD 2006 named "Beast Enough To Stand This Hate" (All Life End Records) Bloodattack started their career with powerful and bone crushing releases. Both recordings received great reviews in magazines like ROCK HARD, METAL HAMMER, OX-MAGAZINE, FUZE.
Since their Kickoff in 2001 Bloodattack played shows and festivals all over Germany, Austria and the Netherlands with bands like NEAREA, WAR FROM A HARLOTS MOUTH, BORN FROM PAIN, DEADLOCK and HEAVEN SHALL BURN.
Finally, Bloodattack signed to Bastardized Recordings and entered the studio again to record their new album ‘Rotten Leaders’, that will hit the stores in September 2010. Produced by Kurt Ebelhäuser (Blackmail) and with an artwork designed by Peter Hoffmann (Caliban, Heaven Shall Burn, Six Reasons To Kill) this release is a smashing answer to all the bullshit that surrounds us.
“We simply tried to make everything faster, every breakdown heavier, every sing-along catchier without loosing sight of what Bloodattack is all about - plain, pure and brutal hardcore with a straight D.I.Y. attitude”, the band explained. That’s what we can expect from ‘Rotten Leaders’.

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Daniel - Vocals
Lutz - Guitar
Ralf - Guitar
Marc - Bass
Gunnar - Drums

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Cat.-No.: BE067
Releasedate: 2012-09-28

1.Fall as one
2.Systems Overload
2.The Storm

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