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MÖRSER was founded by members of bands like CAROL, SYSTRAL, MINION and METÖKE in 1996. Tons of shows were played when their legendary Two Hours To Doom-Album was released. Early 1998 a a split seven-inch collab with canadian mosh-rockers THE SWARM brought forth two new and more distinguished songs from MÖRSER. Their contribution to the CD-compilation THE SEED OF THE NEXT SEASON in 1999 was followed by a two-week US-Trip including an appearance on the famous More Than Music-Festival in Columbus, Ohio. MÖRSER`s album 10 000 BAD GUYS DEAD released in January 2001 on CHROME SAINT MAGNUS took the world by storm. The artwork, songwriting and the lyrics set new standards for modern, extreme music and extended in Europeanand US-Tours in 2001 will do the rest to make MÖRSER one of the finest german exports in brutal music. The 2002 Release called Scum reinforced MÖRSERS reputation as germanys leading groovy Grindcore-Band. 2010 the band sees its comeback with 1ST CLASS SUICIDE, the latest MÖRSER-Album on Bastardized Recordings.

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Title: 1st Class Suicide
Cat.-No.: BE044
Releasedate: 2010-03-26

01. small weak virus
02. fresh &powerdered
03. burning sensation
04. synthetics for the devil
05. solicous crump
06. concrete head crush
07. exist (acting brutal)
08. nnm
09. blind
10. legend of dunhill
11. miserable failure

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