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In late 2006 Tristan Hachmeister (Guitar) and Tommas Bauer (Drums) wanted to make music that is aggressive and melodic, epic, destructive and honest.

They found Matthias Held (Vocals) and Sebastian Stening (Bass) and after the first rehearsal they knew it would fit perfectly.

Together they decided to name their band BLOOD SPENCER. Already at their first show in October 2006 they proofed that they are an energetic and reckless live Band with a lot of potential.

After a few lineup changes they got their good friend Timo Lohmann on board to fill in the slot for the second guitar.

More than 120 Shows later and several Tours in several countries they managed to become a constant player in the metal/hardcore scene.

In April 2009 they decided to take their music to the next level, so they decided to give their music a more honest name. So they called their band VERSUS THE THRONE. An image for everything this band stands for.

They got a booking contract with MAD Tourbooking and signed to Bastardized Recordings.

After 3 DIY-Records, Face Off (2006), Ă–the distance remains (2007) and Our Prophecy Resides (200, they entered the Rape Of Harmonies Studio in may 2009 to record the first debut LP called "Ruins Afire".

Artist Member

Matthias Held -Vocals
Tristan Hachmeister - Guitar
Tommas Bauer - Drums
Timo Lohmann - Guitar
Sebastian Stening - Bass

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Title: ruins afire
Cat.-No.: BE039
Releasedate: 2009-10-16

01. A Revelation Of Despair
02. Ruins Afire
03. Haunted By The Nights
04. Crestfallen
05. The Arsonists
06. Judas Castigation
07. Catalyst
08. Heresy
09. To Our Cost Of Significant Ignorance
10. Our Prophecy

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