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Faust Again was formed in late 1999 in Grudziadz (Poland) as an outlet for emotions and reflections. Five kids, who decided to contribute their talents to a band with strange name, have always treated their music as a vehicle for feelings and thoughts through which they can communicate with their listeners. Driven by blend of emotions their work has always been marked with sincerity and easily escapes any categorization and transcends musical genres and labeling. Faust Again developed their characteristic, powerful sound, which combines classical death metal elements with everything that stands for word "progression".

In 2003 band got hooked up by German label called Circulation Records (Heaven Shall Burn, Narziss) and started performing live widely. At that time Faust Again shared the stages with bands like: Unearth, Darkest Hour, Cataract, Maroon or Deadlock to name a few and very soon gained the reputation of the hottest and most intense metal/hardcore act out of Poland.

May 2003 was the release date of Faust Again debut album called "Seizing Our Souls" and since then band has become even more mad and restless. The album gathered lots of enthusiastic reviews from the paper magazines (Metal Hammer, Rock Hard, Legacy) as well as from the biggest internet portals such as Digital Metal, Swedish Metal, Vegan Hardcore or Poisonfree. Faust Again focused on touring to spread their name across the Europe and energetic and intense performances paved their way to Pressure Festival (among bands like Napalm Death, Hatebreed, Bleeding Through, Zao or Fear My Thoughts to name a few) as well as to Burning Season Festival (Austria) and Fluff Fest (Czech Republic), which all gathered thousands hard-core and metal fans from almost all continents.

In June 2005 Faust Again got into Rape Of Harmonies studio to record their second album called “Hope Against Hope”. Patrick W. Engel used his talent to make new songs of Faust Again sound like none of metal acts sounded before. This new album was once again released by Circulation Records (on 16th of January 2006) and it has already been described as “formulaically addictive” and long time “awaited metal masterpiece”. “Hope Against Hope” received even better publicity and feedback from press (excellent reviews in German “Metal Hammer” and “Rock Hard”) and success of the album was emphasized by the countless shows around the Europe with bands like Born From Pain, Heaven Shall Burn, Neaera, Terror, The Ocean, Betzefer, Fall of Serenity, Misery Speaks and many more.

In the beginning of 2007 Faust Again started cooperation with Go Down Believing booking agency from Cologne (Germany). At the same time group has officially joined Rock Adio team and signed endorsement contract with Adio Footwear company. In March 2007 Faust Again played their first shows in Belarus and Russia. The feedback they received was fantastic and soon after they came back home a Russian major label called Fono offered a license deal to release all Faust Again albums in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Armenia, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Fono is known as a Russian business partner of Metal Blade, Century Media, Spinefarm and other established metal labels.

The middle of the 2007 brought another endorsement contract with Premier – famous drums producer. Faust Again spent the fall of the year on preparing material for band’s third album. In October 2007 band was honored to participate in Maroon’s (Century Media artist) new record release party which gathered over 1000 people. In 2008 for the first time Faust Again toured over the Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. They also supported New York hardcore legend Biohazard on their exclusive show in Poland. In the summer time band recorded seven demo tracks to demonstrate how the new album will sound like. Soon after that they got signed to German label Bastardized Recordings and Faust Again third album release is scheduled for early 2009.

Artist Member

Adrian Klementowski – bass
Aleksander Data – guitar
Marcin Palecki – drums
Marcin Pyszora – vocals
Wojciech Warnke – guitar

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Title: the trial
Cat.-No.: BE037
Releasedate: 2009-05-22

1. Intro
2. The Fountain
3. Closed Eyes
4. Call For Life
5. Papillon
6. One Minute Dream
7. Voice Inside
8. The End

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