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SOULGATE’S DAWN was founded in August 2001. In summer 2003 they decided to hit a studio and record their first EP at the Rape Of Harmonies Studio (Heaven Shall Burn, Maroon, etc.).

The debut-CD STARDUST was released in Mai 2004 via Circulation Records – a new chapter in the bandhistory. The Song "Observe the Sky" was on the Circulation Records Labelsampler '03, other bands on this Sampler were Heaven Shall Burn, Narziss and Faust Again. STARDUST became amazing press-reaction and was often titled as "impressing debut". Also SOULGATE’S DAWN played many shows to promote the CD the best way. but they not only played shows in germany, also in many other european countries and the USA.

The 2nd full-length CD DEATHTRAP TO ESCAPE was recorded in late 2006 – again at the Rape Of Harmonies Studio – and was released in march 2007 by Burning Season Records. From STARDUST to DEATHTRAP TO ESCAPE they developed their style and definitely don’t have to hide behind the big bands anymore. The press-reaction told even the same – so DEATHTRAP TO ESCAPE was a more than successful follow-up to STARDUST – more aggressive, more melodic, well engineered and more emotional.

In late summer 2008 SOULGATE’S DAWN hit the Rape Of Harmonies Studios again to record their 3rd album with the name MESSIAH. It is the most sophisticated, diversified, well-engineered release of the band by now and will be released in early 2009 by BASTARDIZED RECORDINGS: You can – no you have to be – curious about what the future brings....

Artist Member

Michael Reinsch - vocals
Robert Helbig - bass
David Hofmann - guitar
Rainer Köhler - guitar
Holger Miethig - drums

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Title: messiah
Cat.-No.: BE035
Releasedate: 2009-03-20

1. illuminate
2. distained paradise
3. burning on all sides
4. superiority
5. misery
6. carillon
7. the key
8. one
9. lost control
10. where it begins
11. conflict

recording information:
Recorded at Rape Of Harmonies
Produced by Ralf Müller Mixed by Ralf Müller, Rainer Köhler & Michael Reinsch
Mastered By Patrick W. Engel at Silent Hell

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