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From the very beginning LLynch has always been about doing things differently. Since the formation of the band, the main goal never changed: creating something memorable and meaningful that every member of the band could identify with. This creative process might take longer than usual but in the end the result is something unique, uncomprimising and rewarding.

LLynch formed in late 2000 and never changed its line-up since. In 2001 the first EP "The Transformation of Madison" was recorded and released by Scorched Earth Policy Records in 2002. Some of the band's unique trademarks were already obvious on that first offering. Dense atmosphere, unusual harmony and rhythm combined with a strong focus on arrangement and composition that set the band apart from most of their peers. Tours and shows with bands like Converge, Anodyne, Pg. 99 and Crowpath followed and should take LLynch to places all over Europe.

2003 would bring a new release in a split LP with The Minor Times from the US that was recorded with Max Ludwig. The songs on that LP would be re-released in 2005 as a CD EP called "Transition Songs" on LLynch's own brand Acid Ayatollah Productions. The disc was enhanced with some fancy multimedia content and was accompanied by a tour with Seattle's own Playing Enemy.

Having released two well-received EPs the band felt it was time to paint a bigger picture with a full length record. After three years of hard work, spending most of the time in dark practice spaces, making strange noises with even stranger instruments, "We Are Our Ghosts" was ready to be committed to tape. The band started basic tracking with Max Ludwig at Rogue Studio in June 2007 and finished mixing the last bits with Jens "Bubbes" Steffan in May 2008. Alan Douches once again did the mastering at WestWestSide.

This is a record that dares to be challenging. "We Are Our Ghosts" is the soundtrack to a dark movie that takes place in these five people's heads. Finally the ghosts that came to haunt them are being exorcised. From the first cymbal hit to the last droning feedback LLynch put everything in this album that they've got. This is passion put on record. Listen to it closely and you will be rewarded.

Artist Member

P. Hell - vocals
M. Kraemer - guitar
M. Feit - guitar/keys
C. Breuer - bass/electronics
M. Rosner - drums/percussion

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Title: we are our ghosts
Cat.-No.: BE033
Releasedate: 2008-11-28

1. Symbol Repetition
2. Athena
3. Floating North
4. Eyes Towards Oort
5. Lost! Lost!
6. If It Ain't Rotten, It Ain't Mine.
7. History Of Gentlemen
8. Morla
9. We Are Our Ghosts
10. Llizzards

recording information:
recorded at Rogue Studios.
Mastered at WestWestSide by Alan Douches.

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