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In early 2003, five good friends got together to write some metal riffs over a few beers, as a change of scenery from their other bands. What started out as a just a fun project turned out a whole lot more than they had expected.

The music that started to pour out from the underground rehearsal space was thrashy and hard, yet melodic. It soon became clear what type of band they would become. You could say that ENEMY IS US is keeping their native country’s metal legacy alive by delivering an explosive mixture of old school Swedish death metal and new school thrash metal and adding just a touch of hardcore aggression.

In late 2003 the band was offered a 3-album deal with Finnish label Rising Realm Records, a few days after the band had made their first demo “Ashes of the World” public by putting it up on It resulted in the release of the debut album "We have seen the Enemy... and the Enemy is Us". The album was released in Japan in August 2004 and worldwide in March 2005 and was followed by a solid stream of positive reviews. The band begun to hit the road, opening up for Swedish acts such as CARNAL FORGE, DEFLESHED and THE DUSKFALL. After a year of playing shows and writing new material, the band decided they were ready to make a new album.

In 2006, just when the band was about to enter the studio to record their 2nd album, they got the word that Rising Realm Records had been put to rest, and ENEMY IS US was without a record deal. Despite the bad news, the band decided to go ahead with the recordings without the backing of a label. Having worked as a live and studio recording sound engineer for years, the bands bass player Lawrence Mackrory took charge of the producer’s chair. They hired veteran engineer Daniel Bergstrand (MESHUGGAH, IN FLAMES, SOILWORK) to help produce and record the drums and guitars at his Dugout Studios. With the initial recordings done, they continued the work at Lawrence's own studio Great Scot! Audio. Despite the drawn out recording process and jumping between environments, the result came out screaming and hungry for an audience. "Venomized" is massive in sound and flawless in its presentation. Eleven tracks of hook-filled choruses and unforgettable riffs that will surely help to propel ENEMY IS US into the metal spotlight where they will soon stand among their peers as true champions of their homeland.

Artist Member

Ronnie Nyman - vocals
Lawrence Mackrory - bass/vocals
Peter Lindholm - guitars
Staffan Winroth - guitars
Olle Ferner - drums

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Title: venomized
Cat.-No.: BE031
Releasedate: 2008-06-13

01 Through Vile Black Blood
02 My Cross To Bear
03 Show Me Them Horns
04 Venomized
05 End This Life
06 We Are The Filth
07 Tear This World Apart
08 The Red Inside
09 Carnal Betray
10 At The End Of My Rope
11 Heading Towards The Light
Plus Video-Clip for the song "Through Vile Black Blood"

recording information:
recorded by Daniel Bergstrand and Lawrence Mackrory

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