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It’s always impressive to see how fast the technical level of young bands increases. SNATCHCLUB is one of those bands that dropped our jaws – in a literal sense. This young fivepiece from the middle of Germany delivers an uncommonly brutal mixture between Grindcore, Deathmetal, Groove and some spacy soundscapes on their first ever full- length effort proudly presented by Bastardized Recordings.

After their old band ELEPHANT MAN split up, these five young men from one of Germany's largest forest-areas started SNATCHCLUB and began to spend energy on preparing to blow the ears and minds of their fans with a crude, yet intense sonic assault. After having recorded their first demo, SNATCHCLUB started playing shows and proved to be an extremely powerful live act. One of the shows basically led to a contract offer from Bastardized Recordings.

Recorded in the DAILY HERO Studios, Berlin (FINAL PRAYER, WAR FROM A HARLOTS MOUTH) in May 2008, produced by sonic veterans Florian Nowak and Mark Ebers and equipped with an Artwork by Jeff Wagner (THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, UNEARTH, GOD FORBID), the debut album "True Kids Superbrawl" is nothing less than a killing machine: An unholy bastard between Goregrind and brutal Deathmetal.

With a strong background from tons of live appearances with bands like SIX REASONS TO KILL or WAKING THE CADAVER and a strong album in their hands now SNATCHCLUB are ready to mince flesh again and set stages on fire.

Artist Member

Tobi - vocals
Butte - guitar
Fatih - guitar
Rocky - bass
Tim - drums

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Title: true kids superbrawl
Cat.-No.: BE032
Releasedate: 2008-10-31

1. Introduction
2. Welcoming SnatchClub
3. Iron Rod at Toothlevel
4. The Onset Of Dispatch
5. Female Serial Killer
6. Interlude
7. A Fistful Effectivity
8. Scissoring Tempers
9. Fifty Punches Per Minute
10. Exhibition
11. My Private Toolbox

recording information:
recorded at DailyHero Recordings.

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