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THE BLACKOUT ARGUMENT has the talent, the work ethics and most of all of the unbreakable passion to do their own thing in a music-scene that increasingly focusing on stereotype bands playing a stereotype sound.

Started from the remains of perished underground acts PAINT THE TOWN RED (Join the Teamplayer / Thorp Records) and FLYSWATTER (Eat the Beat / Roadrunner) in early 2006, their musical ascendancy was already forshadowing. The band’s genre challenging combination of hardcore and rock-music is equally touching as it is brutal. The band’s plausible refrains and powerful melodies rotate with blasting walls of demading guitar-riffs and punchy drums. The vocalists violent screams and bittersweet singing is fraught with raw and uncanny powerful emotion. Adressing to all fans of heavy yet melodic music, THE BLACKOUT ARGUMENT maintains a deep-rooted hardcore sensibility at any time.

THE BLACKOUT ARGUMENT’s cherished self-conception is reflected in their thoroughly honest and downright personal lyrics. No tearstained love songs or lukewarm cries for help, but a straightforward emotional payoff about the unpredictability of life, and the strategies to confront it. Just as simple as their album title suggests: Life is about making decisions and living with the consequences. You fucked it up? Deal with it.

THE BLACKOUT ARGUMENT are not going down in history for standing still. In August 2006 the band released their debut EP entitled “Munich Angst” on Engineer Records which is about to be re-released through BASTARDIZED RECORDINGS in April 2007. The same month and label will give birth to THE BLACKOUT ARGUMENT’s second release: “Munich Valor”. The new EP has been written and recorded in only 6 weeks. These five songs could not be more straight-forward and honest, qualities that are becoming more and more a rarity. Both EPs, which are also going to be released in a limited 2xCD-packaging, merge to a oneness that displays the whole lifecycle of a human being in the anonymity and isolation of our modern world.

Being granted the honor of working together with such reputable partners, THE BLACKOUT ARGUMENT have the chance to release their fierce music and make it accessible to a large and multifaceted audience.

THE BLACKOUT ARGUMENT are five young men who are, just like everyone else, making many decisions. Some fuck-ups, some jackpots. But one decision has definitely saved their asses: to pour all their hearts and souls into music.

Artist Member

Sinan Akilli-vocals
Sascha Laumann-bass,vocals
Chris Lochmann-guitar
Philip Seidl-drums
Chris Zehetleitner-guitar

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Title: munich valor
Cat.-No.: BE027
Releasedate: 2007-04-27

1. Cast a Cold Eye
2. Matchless
3. Reflecting Dialogue
4. Forever Yours
5. So Much You and Me
6. Desire for Absolution

recording information:
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Suiseidl Studios in January 2007.
Produced by The Blackout Argument.

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