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Emerging from The Prostitution, The Power Plays and The Politics of everyday life in Germany´s Capitol City of Berlin, comes the next breed of heavy hitters to enter the cookie cutter Metal Stomping Ground we have all come to love AND hate- and their name is FAREWELL TO WORDS.

What this 6 piece delivers musically is an intellectual and sometimes brutal mixture of everything good that you can find in New School Hardcore, Emo/Screamo, Doom Metal, Chaoscore and yes - the dreaded Metal Core as well - but always adding a new twist (or three), producing well thought out and carefully arranged song structures - without losing the intensity of the message they are portraying.

Lyrically FAREWELL TO WORDS has really made a supreme effort to not only have good vocal lines but also to write intelligent and thought-provoking lyrics that most American bands would be proud of. From the Opening Track on their forthcoming debut EP TEAR DOWN THIS WALL- "Allurement Of The Void", to the mosh-pit floor filler "Blue Turned To Scarlet Eyes" - to the 9 minute long Doom inspired "The Empty Stare" - it's very clear that these five guys and one lady are aspiring to be more than just another good band to come out of Berlin ...

Comparisons to FAREWELL TO WORDS are many and sometimes strange - like an Amalgam of WALLS OF JERICHO meets BOY SETS FIRE meets EVANESCENCE meets ... hmmm, pretty strange indeed, and not all that correct in the eyes of FAREWELL TO WORDS - they are who they are, and wouldn't copy or change their style for anyone. So you fill in the blanks and file them under whatever label you like.

Since forming in early 2005, of members of recently disbanded Berlin based bands, and after the departure of original Female Singer Monique, and founding Guitarist Simon (WAR FROM A HARLOTS MOUTH), it´s been a start and stop transformation that recently ended with the addition of Jessie- FAREWELL TO WORDS new Female on the Mic and Claus on Guitars.

Although they have not played as many shows as most bands, there are definitely no strangers to the Stage- having gigged with the likes of AS WE FIGHT, HEAVEN SHALL BURN, DEADLOCK, COHEED AND CAMBRIA, ILLDISPOSED to name only a few, as well as mini tours in Germany and Poland.

FAREWELL TO WORDS have recently found a home with German Underdog Label BASTARDIZED RECORDINGS and will release their long awaited debut Ep TEAR DOWN THIS WALL on January 26, 2007.

Artist Member

Jessica Neubert - vocals
Moritz Icken - vocals
Florian Freund - guitars
Claus Fleczoreck - guitars
Martin Meingast - bass

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Title: tear down this wall
Cat.-No.: BE024
Releasedate: 2007-01-26

1. Allurement Of The Void
2. Blue Turned To Scarlet Eyes
3. In Front Of Your Hope
4. Share Of Seconds
5. The Empty Stare

recording information:
recorded and mixed at DailyHero Recordings
mastered by Pluto.

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