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DEADSOIL was founded in late 2002 by Boris Pracht and Christian Bass, right after Copykill called it's quits and Christian decided to part ways with his long time fellows in Night in Gales.
It was a clear thing that both were into the idea of starting a new band, combining their musical skills to create something fresh and brutal.
Joined by Jan Olejnik on 2nd guitar, Stefan Eutebach, formerly bass-player of Six Reasons To Kill and Marcel Stroeter, formerly singer of Viersens hardcore outfit Drift - DEADSOIL was born, ready to stomp right through your heads and hearts!

Mixing diverse styles inbetween metal and hardcore with the only claim to crush everything on their way, their music could be described as devastating music, beyond the limits of any genre, connecting the musical skills of hookline-loaden and precise metal with the aggressive instincts of the tough side of hardcore, in order to take hardcore and metal to another level.

Since their first show in February 2003, the band proofed their live qualities as well as their musical skills in a remarkable number of shows, being on tour with acts like Poison The Well, Hatesphere or as part of Lifeforce's "We Are The Enemy" Tour as well as support for bands such as Hatebreed, The Haunted, Darkest Hour and countless other bands. Besides Germany, DEADSOIL played in countries as the USA, France, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Spain.

In June 2003, DEADSOIL released their debut MCD entitled "Forever The Enemy" on Records, containing 5 songs and wrapped in a beautiful artwork, this release comes as a digipack and on clear and limited 10 inch vinyl.
The reactions have been more then overwhelming and the record got later released via Tribunal Records for the territory of the USA, making DEADSOIL first non-american band on the label.

After Marcel and Jan felt the decision to better stop playing in the band due to a permanent lack of time, Friedrich Weber and Jens Basten joined the band on microphone and guitar and DEADSOIL signed to Lifeforce Records for their upcoming outputs.

The first album entitled 'The Venom Divine' was recorded May 2004 at Berno Studios in Sweden and released August 2004 (Europe), September 2004 (USA) and July 2005 (Asia by Gods Child Music) on CD and also on limited picture disc vinyl.
In the following months DEADSOIL hit the road as part of the NewBornHate Tour with Hatesphere and Born From Pain, toured the USA with The Warriors, Reflux and Calico System as well as Europe co-headlining the Lifeforce Records "We Are The Enemy" Tour with Destiny and By Night.

Artist Member

Friedrich Weber - vocals
Boris Pracht - guitars
Jens Basten - guitars
Stefan Eutebach - bass
Christian Bass - drums

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Title: the venom divine
Cat.-No.: BE014
Releasedate: 2004-08-30

01 Helvete
02 Enemies Will Suffer
03 The Promise
04 History Retold
05 Hate
06 Grey Cube
07 Hellsphere
08 Demons Hands
09 The Absolute Never
10 Despise The Logic

recording information:
recorded, mixed and mastered at Berno Studio, Malmö, Sweden.

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